Alien Nation (pilot) storyboard


Michele Scarabelli as Susan Francisco

also starring Gary Graham, Eric Pierpoint, Lauren Woodland and Sean Six



It is impossible for the written word to relate the pure enthralling drama of Alien Nation. Presented here, by way of example of such drama, is Matt Sikes’ (Gary Graham’s) speech from the “Purist Rally” of the pilot episode.


Susan Francisco (Michele) is having trouble taking her daughter Emily (Lauren Woodland) to her first day at school. Many people are taking this opportunity to preach the purist message as the rally gets louder and louder.
The leader of the rally is saying…

“I say we run ’em back to Slagtown!”

An echoing gunshot silences the crowd as Matt Sikes and George Francisco (Eric Pierpoint) approach. George comforts his family but Matt has another agenda as he continues the rallying war-cry…

“Why stop with running them back to Slagtown? Why don’t we just kill them?!”

Matt fires off a second echoing bullet.

He fires a third time to ensure he has the crowd’s full attention. Then he continues…

“Teach them a lesson! Keep them in their place! Keep America pure!!”

At this point the crowd cheers at his words.

Matt eggs-on the crowd as he continues…

“Yeah! We don’t even need to paint little stars on ’em to recognise them do we? Hell – they’re gonna be easy to round up! Look at them..! They stand out better than the Japs that we threw in the concentration camps back in 1942… This’ll be a piece of cake!”

He pauses momentarily as he notices the crowd beginning to realise what he’s saying…

“And if enough of us get together it’ll almost seem legal, won’t it?
Put little white pointy sheets on our heads… and hang us a few SLAGS!”

Slowly, Matt moves towards Emily.

“Well let’s start with this little one right here…”

As the crowd wonders what he’s going to do, Matt secretly winks at Emily..

As Matt takes Emily towards the center of the crowd he continues to rant like the purists had done previously…

“Just because she’s an American Citizen that doesn’t make her a human being, does it?
So what if she’s a little brighter than some of our kids –
we can BEAT that OUT OF HER..!”

“Discourage her enough – she’ll give up…

So what if she might have come up with a cure for cancer some day? She’s not CIVILISED like us!

So why don’t we just put a gun to her head and end it all right here, huh?!”

Matt takes Emily around the crowd, offering his gun to the sheepish individuals as he does so…

“Come on… Come on, pull the trigger! Come on! TAKE IT!! Come on..!!

How about you Ms Purist?! I KNOW you wanna pull the trigger. Get on over here! Come on down!”

“What do I have to do it myself? Okay!”

Emily jumps back when Matt cocks back his gun… Then the deputy-purist protests…

“No! We don’t want her dead. We just want her back where she belongs..!”

Word by word, Matt Sikes pronounces…

“She belongs HERE..!”

As Matt secures passage for Emily to enter her school, he takes a moment and sees the look on his partner’s face.

The whole series is defined here.