Prom Night

pn01starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Leslie Nielsen, with Michele Scarabelli

From the video sleeve:

“A gruesome story of revenge where four friends with a sinister secret are confronted by their past. On the night of the Prom the four friends will be screaming for mercy.

Prom Night is one of the original and the best of the cult horrors, starring ‘Scream Queen’ Jamie Lee Curtis.”



Michele’s (uncredited) appearance in Prom Night is very brief and it takes a keen eye to find her scene. It begins with her character (unnamed) fixing her lipstick. As she finishes, she moves to adjust the shoulder-strap of her dress as the camera slowly pans downwards.


Michele’s character then walks away from the camera and further down the corridor, passing two men as she does so. The scene ends here.

A few moments later, Michele’s character can be briefly seen boppin’ in time to the music during the main Prom dance.

pn03Prom Night is another of the many films featuring a short appearance by Michele and it’s a huge shame that this time she isn’t even allowed to speak – although watch out for that sultry walk down the corridor!

When asked about this film, Michele recalled

“…it was a last minute favor I did for a friend who was casting.”

Thank-you to that friend..!