Hi to all my wonderful fans.

Welcome to the web site – and much thanks to Jonathan Rudderham, its creator and webmaster.Michele Scarabelli

It’s truly a pleasure to be able to connect with you all. For years I’ve been receiving wonderfully supportive mail and could only respond to a few.

As you know I’ve had the rare opportunity as an actor to play a wide variety of characters – everything from an alien mom (Alien Nation) to a chorus girl (Philip Marlowe) to a couple of nuns (Father Dowling, Due South). I’ve had the privilege to spend close to two years on location in Africa, getting to know some pretty wild animals as co-stars (Okavango). I’ve helped fly a chopper, soaring over some spectacular mountains in British Columbia (Airwolf).

I’ve also worked with some of the most talented actors in the industry – Dudley Moore in his comedy series Dudley, Hume Cronyn and Vince Gardenia in Age Old Friends, and John Ritter and Roddy McDowall in Loss of Faith, to name a few. I’ve also been blessed to have worked with Ken Johnson – producer, director, all round great guy and leader of the brilliant team that made Alien Nation one of the best shows ever.

I have learned an incredible amount along the way – both about my craft and about myself – one of the great gifts of my profession.

These days, I’ve just been working on an episode of JAG.  Ken Johnson directed the show and it was the first time we worked together “human to human”.  It was wonderful working with Kenny especially after so long.

I hope you enjoy visiting today and will come back for updates.  Please let us know where and when you’ve seen any of my films or TV series.  It’s hard to keep track of where everything is playing.

Thanks for stopping by, and keep watching,

Michele S.