Fan Club

Issue 21

Founded in February 1999, the Fans Of Michele Scarabelli, which ran for seven years and 23 fanclup publications, was (and still is) the world’s only official Michele Scarabelli Fan Club.

Why Michele Scarabelli?

An easy question which provokes an easy answer – but an answer not so easy to put into words. Throughout her ongoing career, Michele Scarabelli has consistently portrayed realistic characters in a variety of situations. Whether the situation is fantastic or dramatic, whether the character is down-to-Earth or far-fetched, whether the story is fiction or non-fiction, whether the atmosphere is natural or supernatural, Michele’s acting skills are always called upon with realistic intent.

Michele Scarabelli was long overdue a fan club, we just filled that void.

The Fans of Michele Scarabelli (F.O.M.S.) is currently on extended hiatus while the founder pursues other activities, but you can still check out information about our previous members’ newsletters.