Issue 19

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Our 19th Issue!

“Alien Nation”

Continuing our look at Alien Nation, this issue we review not one, not two, but three full-length episodes from this thought-provoking drama series.

“Fountain of Youth”

In Fountain of Youth, Matt meets up with an old college buddy who seems a lot younger and healthier than Matt is. Meanwhile, Susan is having trouble getting a job interview due to the fact that newcomers age slower than humans and no one wants to employ a 68-year old. A surprise visit from Uncle Moodri (and his goat) provide the answer. When George Francisco investigates why a newcomer beat cop died in a hospital from a minor injury, he learns the secret to eternal youth – but it’s only for humans and it’s at the expense of the Tenctonese.

“Little Lost Lamb”

George is getting stress at home but things are going to get worse. Captain Grazer is getting pressure because of reports of a newcomer teenager shooting a black boy. Rescuing a girl from her pimp, Matt temporarily adopts her but things don’t go well for her when Cathy misjudges a visitor to his flat. Then Matt’s on the warpath. George thinks he’s too close to the case until he watches an emotion performance from his daughter in a school play. He and Matt go undercover to bring down the organisation that’s exploiting the girls – and discover it’s run by an overseer..! Meanwhile, the reason for Moodri’s visit becomes clear as he convinces Buck Francisco to face up to his responsibilities, just before the police come to take him away.

“Fifteen With Wanda”

George and Matt get the worst assignments and this time it’s baby-sitting a witness to a murder committed by a crime boss. Unfortunately, their assignment was dragged out of his home on his wedding night and he’s desparate to get back to his new wife. As they try to prevent his escaping at every possible moment, Matt’s having trouble at home as his daughter drops by and this isn’t appreciated by her mother. George’s family troubles are getting worse for, while on probabation, Buck’s caught at school for fighting with human boys. Matt and George take it in turns to sneak away from their assignment to solve their problems but things come to a head as Matt’s daughter skips college to hit the open road, Buck’s about to leave his gang the hard way, and a killer working from the crime boss has just found where they’re hiding out.


As always, theSmile is printed in full vibrant colour throughout and is fully illustrated with a glossy cover.

(20-page, full-colour)