In 1987, Michele appeared in the 4th and final (and longest) season of Airwolf.  The series was made to a fixed time schedule and much lower budget than the previous years, which didn’t leave much opportunity for developing her character of Jo Santini.

Over 24 episodes, the new cast of Airwolf that also included Barry Van Dyke (Diagnosis Murder), Geraint Wyn Davies (Forever Knight), and Anthony Sherwood (Street Legal), delighted us with many different adventures, some of which we’ve reviewed.

  1. Blackjack
  2. Escape
  3. A Town For Hire
  4. Salvage
  5. Windows
  6. A Piece of Cake
  7. Deathtrain
  8. Code of Silence
  9. Stavograd: Part 1
  10. Stavograd: Part 2
  11. Mime Troupe
  12. X-Virus
  13. Rogue Warrior
  14. Ground Zero
  15. Flowers of The Mountains
  16. The Key
  17. On The Double
  18. Storm Warning
  19. The Golden One
  20. The Puppet Master
  21. Malduke
  22. Poppy Chain
  23. Flying Home (gallery)
  24. Welcome To Paradise

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