Last of the Good Guys

starring Steve Kanaly and Michele Scarabelliconnie09

It’s the following morning. The dawn sunlight is breaking through the window. Two figures are asleep on the bed, but one is stiring.

Ray turns to see who is in the bed with him and he is clearly unhappy. As he clambers out of the bed and retrieves his clothes, Ray causes Connie to awaken also.

Unlike Ray, Connie is certainly happy. Ray obviously regrets the previous night’s events while Connie tries to convince him that his marriage is over. Ray disagrees saying that he’s never said that, but Connie’s memories are to the contrary…

“I think I recall more about last night than you do.”

As Ray dresses, Connie summarises the situation with Ray’s wife and daughter but Ray insists that it’s none of Connie’s business. Connie, however, tells him that anything that hurts Ray then it concerns her. Ray is not convinced.

Connie is shocked when Ray reaches for his wallet and begins counting off some notes…

“What are you doing? You think I’m a whore?!”

Ray is confused but apologises for his haphazard thoughts. Connie tells him that she’s very attracted to him but Ray is too confused to take it in. He leaves telling her that he will see her later. Under her breath, Connie responds… “You bet you will.”


It’s late at night once more and Ray is burying himself in his work. As he moves down the stairs with an armful of papers, he hears a knocking at the door. Answering it, he finds Connie dressed to impress.

“Hi… I waited for you for as long as my maidenly modesty would allow…”

connie11With obvious reluctance, Ray lets Connie into the house. Making yet another mistake, Ray had regarded Connie as just a one-night stand. Connie tells him what a wonderful time they had.

She is reminded by Ray that, although he’s going through a tough time, he is married. Laying down the facts of Ray’s wife staying out of contact, together with a not altogether modest amount of playing up to him, Connie convinces Ray that he shouldn’t be spending his nights waiting by the ‘phone.

Ray offers to take Connie out to dinner. Connie suggests that this isn’t necessary as she’s sure they could find enough in the house to keep “body and soul” together. However, Ray insists so Connie agrees just so long as Ray doesn’t drink to much because she wants him to remember “everything” this time…

Later, that night…

Suffering partially from the effects of drink but more so from the wiles of the irresistible Connie, Ray finds his hesitancies and morales disappearing fast as they both approach the bed…


connie13connie12The innocent and compassionate friendship that had begun in the previous episode has turned more serious. Beginning with Ray having regrets over their first night’s “events”, the episode concludes with a repeat performance. Although Ray is very confused and distraught over his wife and daughter apparently leaving him, and despite the thoroughly irresistible advances of Connie, Ray’s resolve in this affair is surprisingly weak. This casts grave questions over his past history with his wife.

Steve Kanaly and Michele Scarabelli once again shine in their respective roles with Michele just taking the honours of playing Connie so marvellously. Who said that playing the bad-girl was more fun?

One can only wonder where the Connie and Ray’s relationship will lead but one thing is certain – nothing good will come of it and someone will be hurt…