strip_lstrip_rConnie Hall.
Beautiful, compassionate, fun and caring?


Connie Hall.
Beautiful, deadly, malicious and psychotic?


How does an event as innocent as a gallant man aiding a beautiful young woman turn into a nightmare involving a dark night and a viciously lethal knife?

One of the most interesting aspects of the relationship between Ray (Steve Kanaly) and Connie (Michele Scarabelli) is that it has very little relevance to the rest of the machinations of the Ewing Empire of Dallas. This is a major point in its favour. The relationship in itself is deserving of much more screen time as it is thoroughly engaging, intensely intriguing, and fascinatingly enjoyable all at the same time. It would make for a wonderful film.

In equal measure, the fact that the entire “affair” involves just the two characters gives it an undeniable and almost unnoticeable claustrophobic feel. Steve Kanaly and Michele Scarabelli play off each other so well that you can’t help but be drawn into the events.

At times fun; at times impossible; at times suspenseful; and at times just plain scary!

Although Kanaly is exceptional as Ray, the true star of these scenes is certainly Michele Scarabelli as Connie Hall. In the space of a few short scenes spread over a handful of episodes, Michele takes Connie through a whole range of emotions. From frustration with her car; through caring for Ray; onto being mildly obsessed (had he not been married, Ray wouldn’t have minded this); being hurt through rejection; angry with Ray’s treatment of her; being insecure in her identity; onto being blindly psychotic.

Michele is a true professional – as well as being horrifyingly creepy when Connie sneaks around Ray’s house in the darkness..! In short – she’s the best!