Breaking All The Rules

with Michele Scarabelli as Rachel

Jack Fleming (Carl Marotte) is a schemer – a ne’er-do-well… A teenager looking for excitement and he doesn’t mind how he gets it. Together with his naive friend David (Thor Bishorpric), they visit a fun park. Once there they meet up with Debbie Stuart (Carolyn Dunn) and her friend Angie (Rachel Hayward) and the sparks begin to fly. Add to that a mix-up with the law and a group of bungling jewel criminals and the foursome soon find themselves in a rollercoaster ride of more excitement and fun than any of them could have predicted.



Breaking All The Rules is a film aimed at the teenage audience. It’s packed with juvenile gags and slapstick-style comedy. As a film, it won’t stretch the mind but it will appeal to its target audience.

Michele appears in one short scene playing the stepmother of David next to Jerome Tiberghen as David’s follically-challenged ageing father. The two characters are written only as caricatures to emphasise how out-of-touch they are to David’s life. As such Michele has little more to do than look stunningly beautiful and perfect (not exactly a tough task for Michele) and smile a lot.

However, Michele’s scene does begin with one of the film’s “jokes”. The camera is close in on her face and, with a sultry nymphomanic tone underlying her voice, she is saying…

“Come on David… Get it up… You can do it… Harder… Harder!”

Slowly the camera pans backwards as you hear a male voice straining and panting. Only to find it’s the teenage David struggling to do some weight-lifting. Unfortunately, that’s the level of this film.


This film is not recommended for its storyline or subtlety – both of which are non-existent. On the other hand, for a chance to see Michele looking so much like the pinnacle of perfection, even this film is tolerable.