Issue 20

“[This issue] was a trip down memory lane! A Matter of Cunning was almost my first film part.”
– Michele Scarabelli

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Our 20th Issue!

For our 20th issue we take a trip 20 years into the past to look at some of the films Michele appeared in over twenty years ago.

“Perfect Timing

Charlotte is the struggling agent of famous photographer Harry Crane and she has to convince him to go back to what made him famous in order to find the $60,000 they need because their apartment is going condo. Unfortunately, Harry prefers to photograph more moral subjects now and doesn’t want to return to the days of photographing ‘Female Fantasies’. Meanwhile, Harry‘s brother is using Harry‘s name to impress the girls but he sees the dollar-signs when a promiscuous rockstar agrees to let him film her next raunchy rock video. While this is going on, amateur sculptor Ziggy (Harry‘s neighbour) is having trouble with one of his models when his new formula for plaster of paris turns into quick-drying cement. Chaos ensues, bringing quite a bit of comedy with it.

“Breaking All The Rules”

A small role for Michele sees her playing the step-mother of the inhibited David. David, together with his friend, meet up with two girls at the nearby fun park but this particular day of fun puts them in the vicinity of some bungling thieves ensuring a fair amount of juvenile gags and humour

“A Matter Of Cunning”

This very early film has Michele playing a secretary to an ambitious woman. This woman will stop at nothing to climb the ladder of promotion – prefering to use any skill necessary, except the business qualifications that are required. Also stars John Ireland.

As always, theSmile is printed in full vibrant colour throughout and is fully illustrated with a glossy cover.

(20-page, full-colour)