Issue 21

“Just received the latest newsletter. Good work .. although it was sad to see it from the perspective of having lost two friends.”
– Michele Scarabelli

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Our 21st Issue!

Following last issue’s nostalgic look into the past, we begin our sixth year by coming right up to date.

“The Truth About Lying” (aka “Loss of Faith”)

Ably supported by John Ritter, Roddy McDowall and Daphne Zuniga, Michele plays one of two sisters whose baby is kidnapped. Amateur detective Bruce Simon Parker (Ritter) investigates and learns that the prime suspect (the baby’s father) might not be as guilty as he seems. The family holds many dark secrets and one man, their solicitor (Roddy McDowall), appears to have the key to unlock a dark and shadowy past. Can Parker solve the case before he, becomes part of a rapidly-growing list of murder victims?

This is a feature-length review.

“Airwolf : Welcome To Paradise”

A comic-strip style segment of the opening scene from this, the very last episode of the action/adventure series Airwolf. Jo Santini and Jason Locke are chasing down drugs smugglers and run right into the path of a grenade.

As always, theSmile is printed in full vibrant colour throughout and is fully illustrated with a glossy cover.

(20-page, full-colour)